may, 2021

Ryan & Aiza


Magandang Araw, I'm Ryan a former Baker/Pastry Chef come Filo' lover. My wife Aiza is a born Filipino native from a tribe (called Bla'an) in the mountains of Mindanao.

We’re passionate about Filipino flavours and we’re taking all our inspiration stocks from trips we’ve made around the islands of Philippines to bring you our new business: Okieee-Kee-Yowww Filippino Favourites (OKYFF). In case you’re wondering, the OKYFF name stems from an inside joke of a YouTube clip that went viral in the Philippines of a guy mimicking the Koreans who frequent the country who love their food… Okieee-Kee-Yoww means Mmm, Soo Good in Tagalog. Yes, we also have a mobile kit for pop-ups, stalls and can cater events so if you know of a opportunity please get in touch!


Filipinos love to get together and celebrate with food! Birthdays, weddings and Christmas especially.

Nothing says party like a pig on a spit! Yes, we can cook you a juicy, crispy Lechon for you to share with your crew, talk to us about your requirements.

We have self hosted and hosted packages for up to 50 pax, and up to 100 pax, with dish and course options to suit your preferences.

Depending on your numbers and location, we can either set up onsite, delivery or you can pickup from our HQ in Morley.

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